Watchtower Holographic Tokens is a collection of Investigations that can be found in the Watchtower, and is only available to Heroes. There are 4 parts that comprise this set.

Synopsis Edit

These holographic tokens are dispensed in each of the major area of the enormous Watchtower space station. They were established by the base's staff as informational uploads for the hundreds of new heroes that now trek through the station.


Name Description Location Image Map
Magic Wing Token Oracle here. That holo-token shows the emblem of the Magic Wing. Magic users connect to the mystic forces of the universe. These heroes are mentored by Wonder Woman, and work with the Sentinels of Magic. On the south side of the Magic Wing. Close to Wonder Girl.
Tech Wing Token It's Oracle. That holo-token shows the emblem of the Tech Wing. Tech users use advanced technology and gadgets as their primary tools. These heroes are mentored by Batman. On the south side of the room, close to the R & D station.
Meta Wing Token It's Oracle. That holo-token shows the emblem of the Meta Wing. Metahumans gain their powers from their unique genetic heritage. These heroes are mentored by Superman. In the Center of the Meta Wing next to Power Girl.
Hub Token Oracle here. That holo-token represents the hub, the core of the Watchtower, the seat of heroic action on Earth. Above the main Hub area, to the left of the area where Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman meet.


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from the Superman, accessible from any Mail Terminal.
Mail icon


Mail icon From: Superman Subject: Welcome
"Welcome to the Watchtower, and well done gathering our holo-tokens. Protecting the Earth and all who live on it is a sacred trust. We know you're up for it. Congratulations!"
Attachment: Shielded Promethium Shirt


This collection rewards the player with the Shielded Promethium Shirt item.



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