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Wayne Enterprises is a Franchise Briefing that can be found in the East End and Otisburg districts of Gotham. There are four parts that comprise this briefing.

Synopsis Edit

"Collect all the briefings that advertise for Wayne Enterprises!"

Briefings Edit

Part 1: Wayne Enterprises: Watches Edit

Wayne Enterprises - Watches Wayne Enterprises - Watches Map
  • Location: On top of the old Wayne Enterprises building.
  • Briefing : Announcer: "'This is Lucius Fox. WayneTech's newest line of chronometers guarantees accurate timekeeping, even in the deepest pressures of space. WayneTech - solutions through technology.'"

Part 2: Wayne Enterprises: Auto Tech Edit

Wayne Enterprises - Auto Tech Wayne Enterprises - Auto Tech Map
  • Location: Ground level, north-east corner of the Millicent Wayne building complex, where the two buildings are connected.
  • Briefing : Announcer: "This is Lucius Fox. WayneTech's newest innovations include automobile safety equipment designed to keep passengers safe even at maximum impact. WayneTech - solutions through technology.'"

Part 3: Wayne Enterprises: FlightSim Edit

Wayne Enterprises - FlightSim Wayne Enterprises - FlightSim Map
  • Location: Ground level, two blocks east of Ace Chemicals, next to a Service Center stairwell.
  • Briefing : Announcer: "This is Lucius Fox. WayneTech's line of informational software includes a new flight simulator designed to help fliers maximize their new skills. WayneTech - solutions through technology."

Part 4: Wayne Enterprises: GCPD Edit

Wayne Enterprises - GCDP Wayne Enterprises - GCDP Map
  • Location: Westernmost docked ship, southernmost point on the main deck.
  • Briefing : Announcer: "This is Lucius Fox. WayneTech has partnered with Gotham's police force to provide new, Exobyte-based technology to fight crime. WayneTech - solutions through technology."

Rewards Edit

Upon completion of this briefing collection players receive a message from Booster Gold, accessible from any Mail Terminal.

Mail message Edit

Mail icon From: Booster Gold Subject: Quite the Fox
""Lucius Fox and WayneTech are names you can trust. I should know: I'm Booster Gold. Stay golden, kids!""
Attachment: WayneTech T-Shirt

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