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"Doctor Fate has discovered that the sorcerer, Felix Faust, is attempting to trade a large number of souls to a dangerous demon. Help him uncover Faust's repulsive scheme, and put a stop to it."

Wayward Souls is a four player operation for heroes who have reached level 30 and acquired both combat rating of 70 and Hand of Fate DLC.


Act 1Edit

  • Protect Doctor Fate while he inspects the Mysterious Cadaver.
  • Protect Doctor Fate while he performs countercurse.

Act 2Edit

  • Travel to Gotham Mercy General Hospital.
  • Defeat Souls fighting over stolen bodies on Rooftops (Count: 20).

Act 3Edit

  • Travel to Gotham University.

Act 4Edit

  • Travel to area near Monarch Playing Card Factory.
  • Investigate spiritual residue (Count: 10)
  • Find original source of souls and help Doctor Fate break Faust's curse.



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