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Weapon Mastery Animation

Weapon Mastery is a system available to all players. It was introduced with the Amazon Fury Part I episode.


Weapon Mastery requires 20 skill points spent in a Weapon Tree including specific weapon combos to unlock. The player gains increased Critical Strike Damage and Resistance to Control Effects when using  weapon combos if Weapon Mastery is unlocked for the equipped weapon type

The Weapon Mastery system included additional Innate Skills to each Weapon Tree. 21 skill points must be spent in a Weapon tree to unlock the ability to purchase these Innate Skills:

Multiple Mastery allows combos into other Weapons if Weapon Mastery is unlocked in other Weapon trees.
Unlocking a Multiple Mastery combo will also add an appearance option for that weapon in the Style UI.
Using most powers within a window following a successful Multiple Mastery Weapon Combo increases both the Critical Chance and the Critical Damage caused by those powers.
Channeled, Vulnerable to Interrupt and Weapon Mastery Crit Excluded powers do not gain Criticals.
A successful Multiple Mastery Weapon Combo also reduces the power cost of the following power ability while in Controller, Healer or Tank role.

List of WMsEdit

Weapon Secondary Weapon Combo 1
Combo 2
Combo 3
Combo 4


Martial Arts
Dual Pistol

Kip-Up Launcher -> Smoke Bomb

Blow Slam -> Spinning Punch

Explosive Shot -> Full Auto

Flurry Shot -> Magnum Round


Two Handed
Martial Arts

Backfist ->
Doom Spin

Haymaker -> Home Run

Clap ->
Shuriken Storm

Stomp Smash -> Enhanced Shuriken

Dual Pistol

Dual Wield
Hand Blaster

Loft Shot ->
Dual Flurry

Sweep Shot -> Ultra Flurry

Magnum Round
-> Solar Flame

Jump Shot -> Meteor Blast

Dual Wield


Whirlwind Overstrike -> Ground Pound

Stunning Swipe
-> Launching Uppercut

Phantom Slash
-> Flurry Shot

Charged Double Throw -> Explosive Shot

Hand Blaster


Fist Slam -> Ground Pound

Uppercut -> Haymaker

Solar Flame -> Explosive Shot

Meteor Blast -> Arrow Fling

Martial Arts

Dual Pistol
Hand Blaster

Knee Launch -> Loft Shot

Spinning Punch  -> Sweep Shot

Cartwheel Kick -> Uppercut

Empowered Shuriken -> Meteor Blast

One Handed

Dual Wield
Hand Blaster

Air Launch -> Stunning Swipe

Spin Chop -> Dual Flurry

Flip Slash -> Pulse Beam

Focused Blast -> Solar Flame


One Handed
Dual Pistol

Overhead Smash -> Flurry

Flamethrower -> Air Launch

Rolling Barrage
-> Full Auto

Flip Burst -> Slip Shot


Two Handed
Dual Pistol

Spinning Upslash -> Home Run

Spinning Downward Cross -> Big Scoop

Leaping Stab -> Lifting Strike

Heavy Sidearm Throw ->
Magnum Round


One Handed

2 Tap -> Cleave

4 Tap ->
Air Launch

Martial Flowers
-> Flip Burst

Tap -> Mortar (infinite Mortar)

Two Handed

Martial Arts

2 Tap ->
Knee Launch

4 Tap ->
Spinning Punch

Home Run -> Flurry Shot

Hammer Throw -> Arrow Storm

Weapon Mastery Critical ExclusionsEdit

Certain powers prevent the Bonus Critical Chance and Damage from Multiple Mastery:


In order to successfully exercise Weapon Mastery, the player needs to focus on an enemy or a sparring target. 'Shadow boxing' will not trigger a Weapon Mastery.

It is possible to set the weapon styles for the secondary and tertiary weapon via the style menu.

Neither Staff nor Shield appear in any other weapon tree's Mastery list. While Shield's exclusion is understandable due to being a fighting style only available with a purchase, Staff's exclusion is odd and unexplained.



Work In Progress Weapon Mastery!01:01:00

Work In Progress Weapon Mastery!

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