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Chosen during Character Creation, a character's Weapon is what defines their combat abilities. Some weapons specialize in ranged attacks, some in melee, and some dabble in both. That being said, all weapons possess melee and ranged attacks at varying levels of effectiveness depending on their specialty.

While initially only able to choose one weapon type, after level 10 the player can choose to put skillpoints into other weapon trees.

Weapons DatabaseEdit




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Archers wield their bows with shocking speed, precision, and power. Combat with a bow is an improvised flurry of ranged attacks with arrows or bludgeoning attacks with the bow itself when the fighting gets in close. Archers are very unpredictable and can use their trick shots to take most enemies by surprise from any distance.



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Brawlers are powerful fighters that sacrifice technique for brute strength. Brawlers hold nothing back as they batter their opponents with punches that could knock a normal person down the block.


Dual PistolsEdit

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Master sharpshooters wield two pistols, that when fired shoot out large amounts of projectiles, as if they were a natural part of themselves. Using their shooting skills to chain together many attacks at range, wielders can also use the pistols as melee weapons in close combat. Dual pistol wielders can lay down fire in many directions to keep multiple enemies jumping for cover.


Dual WieldEdit

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Characters that dual wield melee weapons make every movement a potential attack. Dual-wielding characters spin, flip, and unleash a flurry of blinding strikes in a series of timed attacks that keep opponents reeling. They are excellent at fighting multiple opponents and can easily keep a group of enemies at bay.


Hand BlastEdit

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Wielders of amazing abilities, hand blasters hurl their power at their foes with a thrust of their arms or a wave of their hands. Their ranged attacks are chained together with grace and power to keep their enemies at bay, and they excel at charging up their attacks to put even more strength into each blast.


Martial ArtsEdit

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Martial arts fighters strike with speed and fury. They dart in close, strike from all angles, and string together combinations of punches and kicks. Martial artists are the most defensive fighting style, as they can dodge and block while executing various counterattacks.



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Masters of one-handed combat wield their weapons with a mix of precision and strength. They execute quick, strong swings to create openings, before unleashing powerful assaults.



See Also: Rifle Skill Tree
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Precision attacks from rifle users can come in many forms and at many distances. Rifle users can attack from a safe position at range or use their weapon to bludgeon opponents that manage to get close. They have an array of ammunition and weapon types, from grenades to flamethrowers.



See Also: Staff Skill Tree
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Wielders of the staff whirl their weapons with blinding speed and force. They strike at their foes with combinations of sweeping arcs, spins, and twirling motions. They are masters of keeping the battlefield under control with stunning efficiency.



See Also: Two-Handed Skill Tree
See Also: List of Two-Handed Styles

Colossal attacks are the usual fare for two-handed weapon masters. Two-handed weapon fighters use mass and reach to their advantage as they swing, slam, and smash their weapons in a series of slow but powerful attacks.



See Also: Shield Skill Tree
See Also: List of Shield Styles
Only available with The Last Laugh DLC
Stalwart defence coupled with brutal attacks, cuts and slams when up close are the shield users' method of combat. They use their shields, which are normal seen as simple defensive equipment, in imaginative ways to render their opponents incapacitated.


Style BenefitsEdit

Each particular weapon type grants passive bonuses after the first point and on some additional active skills. You can also acquire 3–4 innate skills that increase various statistics but must invest deep enough into the tree in order to access them.

All Bonuses from different Weapon Skill Trees will function regardless of what weapon is geared and will stack.

Weapon Style Skills Innate
Dual Pistols
Dual Wield
Hand Blast
Martial Arts

The table below shows the maximum amount each weapon style can add to each stat it modifies.

Weapon Style D H M R C T DF V AC AD HC HE PR P
Bow 42 604533030412 12 18 36
Brawling 2160 30 45 12 11232 36
Dual Pistols 12 42 1045 30 30 19 141 18 36
Dual Wield 21 42 3048 30 30 16114 36
Hand Blast 21606045 12 2112 18 36
Martial Arts 5740453 30 30 12 14 2 36
One-Handed 12 457045 151 14 18 36
Rifle 12 6010 42 193 32 1836
Shield 15 6030 45 3 16 1 30 36
Staff 215710 42 30 3043 14 18 36
Two-Handed 12 60 30 42 153242 36
Totals 147585380489915015014414601360135



  • The most popular weapons in PvP are Martial Arts, One Handed and Dual Wield.
  • Collecting weapon styles will count towards the general styles feats.
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