The Westward Bridge is a bridge that extends over the Gotham River to the west, connecting the city's Burnley district with Arkham Island.


While responding to the riot in Arkham Asylum, while crossing the bridge GCPD forces were ambushed by T.O. Morrow's mutant army as they spread from the Ace Chemicals chemical factory, resulting in a vicious standoff as the GCPD attempt to make their way through the blockade of cars to the west blocking them from entering Arkham Island while also fending off attacks from T.O. Morrow's clowns and chemoid mutations from the east.






  • The Westward Bridge is named after Adam West and Burt Ward (who portrayed Batman and Robin respectively in a live television series during the 1960's).
  • The Westward Bridge was the site of the first Hangman murder; GCPD Chief Clancy O'Hara was found hanging from the bridge with a rope around his neck.

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