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Ted Grant grew to become a heavyweight boxing champion. After being framed for murder in the boxing ring by mafioso Victor Moretti, Ted became a fugitive from justice. Inspired by Green Lantern (Alan Scott), Ted donned a black-cat costume and became Wildcat; using his new persona and skills to pound a confession from Moretti and clear his name.
Keeping his persona, Grant began patrolling the streets of New York City and ridding them of mob-related crime; joining the Justice Society of America he opened his own gym and trained some of the world's greatest fighters; including Batman, Black Canary and Catwoman.

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  • Wildcat first appeared in Sensation Comics #1 (January 1942)
  • His voice was provided by voice actor Clancy Brown.
  • Years later, during the Crisis, Grant is crippled while saving a child. Yolanda assumes his identity to honor her godfather and the principles he represented. Grant is at first annoyed with this new super-heroine, but when he discovers she is his god-daughter, he gives Yolanda his blessing. Grant eventually makes a full recovery.


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