Word of Power

A player using Word of Power.

Word of Power is an Iconic power that becomes available at Level 10. It is based on Shazam.


Call forth lightning to damage and knock back nearby enemies. The summoned lightning heals you and restores Power over time to you and up to 7 group members.

Power Interactions : Electrifies enemies, making them vulnerable to Electrified Power effects.


Group Power Heal Cooldown: 12s
Supercharge Cost: 5000

Head Equipment ModsEdit

Head Equipment Mods are available for this power:




  • SABBAC; which, through a black lightning bolt erupting from hell, empowers the wielder with the power of Satan, Any, Belial, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, and Craeteis.
  • IBAC; which, through mystical green fire and brimstone, empowers the wielder with the terror of Ivan the Terrible, the cunning of Cesare Borgia, the ferocity of Attila the Hun and the cruelty of Caligula.
  • Captain Marvel; which empowers the wielder with the power of Captain Marvel.
  • Black Adam: which empowers the wielder with the power of Black Adam.
  • I am Isis: which empowers the wielder with the power of the Egyptian goddess Isis.

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