This article is about the mission. For the Sorcery power, see Wrath (power).

Wrath is a level 17 mission started automatically upon the completion of Gluttony.

Defeat Wrath Demons and calm wrathful citizens.


"These Wrath Demons are the warriors of Trigon's sinful crew. If we can calm the souls of their victims, we break one more source of Trigon's power." — Wonder Woman
  • Calm Citizens affected by Wrath Demons (0/10) (1083 xp)
  • Defeat Wrath Demons (0/20) (1083 xp)
"I'm calling in the Sentinels of Magic. If Brother Blood is raising Trigon, you'll want the best to help take him down." — Oracle

Upon completion, Trigon's Blood is automatically started.



  • Cash: $80
  • 1085 xp upon completion

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