Wrath was a Tier 2 Sorcery power in the Summoning tree.

Official DescriptionEdit

Cast a spell that strikes your target with malignant magical energy, damaging it.

Power Interactions: Deals additional damage to enemies afflicted with Bad Karma or when Red Soul Aura is active.
Damage Role: Increases all damage by 35% until the hit counter


Wrath was replaced with Ritualistic Word in Game Update 34.

A Guardian, Fury, Soul Well or Watcher will grant the caster a Red Soul Aura when an enemy is defeated if another Aura is not active.
Casting Soul Siphon in the Damage role grants a Red Soul Aura.
Condemn, Karmic Backlash, Soul Siphon, Weapon of Destiny, Shard of Life and Karmic Hex consumables inflict Bad Karma on opponents.

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