Embody Wrath and punish the innocent seeking peace. You will fail if you lose your demonic form... thus, you must return to the obelisk to embody Wrath again.


"Do you feel the power? That, and more, will be ours when Trigon rises! Now to find the last Obelisk to channel Wrath - and unleash it on a so-called place of eternal peace!" — Circe
  • Locate the Obelisk in Robinson Park that will transform you into the sin of Wrath
  • Smash Graveyard Statues in Wrath Demon Form (0/10)
  • Eliminate First Responders in Wrath Demon Form (0/10)
  • Detect the sacred tombs in the park and bind them with demonic flames in Wrath Demon Form (0/5)

Freelance missionsEdit


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