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XP-Plus Booster Box

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XP-Plus Booster Box
XP-Plus Booster Box

Rarity: DLC
Type: Consumable

Requires Level: n/a

Cannot Trade

Can Buy For: 300 Daybreak Cash Logo
Cannot Sell
Stacks to: 100

Cannot Delete
Account Bound

Need to boost your experience beyond that of our regular XP Booster? Go for the gold with a box of Booster Gold's XP-Plus Bosster and get a plus-sized experience boost of 50% for 1 hour. Please note, this is a one-time only item and is not tradeable. The XP Boost effect does not stack.

The XP-Plus Booster Box is a consumable item which can be used to temporarily increase the amount of XP points collected.

It is not available in-game, but exclusively from the marketplace as DLC and named XP-Plus Booster Box Two-Pack.

Obtained fromEdit

Buying this item will result in a stack of 2.


Since collecting XP in DCUO merely matters until level 30, this item is only recommended for players with levels 1 to 29.


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