Give your soul to the Demon Etrigan and destroy the magic protecting Faust's portal.


"You will need to leave your soul with the Demon Etrigan. He waits for you near Faust's Deathless Obelisks. He wants Faust to gain power no more than we do. A test with my lasso has proved he will keep your soul safe." — Wonder Woman
"The Demon Etrigan awaits you near Faust's Deathless Obelisks. He will safely store your soul so you can destroy the Obelisks and break the spell at the portal." — Circe
  • Find Demon Etrigan
  • Disenchant and Destroy Obelisks (0/5)
  • Return to Etrigan if Disguise Fails
"I just want to tell you, you look disgusting. You'll fit right in." — Calculator
"Wow, don't you look... totally decomposed. You'll blend right in! For Faust to raise Isis, he'll be surrounded by Soulless powering the Flame of Life." — Oracle


Talk to Etrigan to turn yourself into a zombie. Despite what the objectives may imply, the soulless will attack you even when you are in zombie form. Click 6 to return to human form.

The Soulless Coed found next to Etrigan starts the Freelance Mission Rats, A Zombie!


  • When a villain player is transformed into a zombie, their attacks have a red tailwind. For hero players, it is green.


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